Thien Mu Pagoda, temple in Hue / SG
Ho Chi Mihn and more, 2013

I went to Ho Chi Mihn in the spring of 2013. I was suppose to take a job with Forbes magazine as their creative director, plans changed, but it was a wonderful experience.

My travel plan was to explore Ho Chi Mihn for a week or more, then a couple of days in Da Nang, Hoi An, and five days in Cambodia.


Stayed in hotels which I found on Agoda.

The motobikes, which flood the city streets and sidewalks. Crossing the street in Ho Chi Mihn is an experience in itself. Mekong Delta, private tour to Khe Sanh, underground tunnels, street food, Bintang market, and Hoi An.

Food and Drink:
Street food, rice, Phở, coconut water, ice-cream, coffee, and Saigon beer. There are many places which you can sit on the sidewalk outside of a street stall or restaurant. Notice where the locals gather to eat, you know that is the best and most likely cheapest food.

I took private tour bus, cars, and taxis. There are motobike taxi of course, but I didnt use them. Ho Chi Mihn could use a sky train, badly. Taxis were fairly inexpensive.

Overall Safety:
No problems, although many blogs had warned me of walking with a bag hanging off of one shoulder and being mindful of my iphone in public. Didnt have any issues.

Safety Tip:
Normal precautions, mind your bag and phone. Thats about it. How could I forget, when crossing the sea of motorbikes, step out into the traffic and slowing walk across the street, the drivers are extremely skilled and will not hit you, just don't stop walking, that throws them off, they anticipate your momentum going forward.

Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Thanh, district 1. / SG
Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Thanh, district 1. / SG
Hoi An. / SG
Hue. / SG
Kids fishing in the river, central Vietnam. / SG
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