Rice Valley, near Ubud / SG
Indonesia, 2011

Had always heard about Bali, so I went. Five days in Kuta.


Risata Bali Resort and Spa - hotel in Kuta, Bali.

Waterfalls, white water rafting, volcanos, beaches, temples, beautiful landscapes, street markets, nice people, and many Australians.

Food and Drink:
Satay and Bintang beer.

Private driver to tour the island attractions. Motobike and car taxis.

Overall Safety:
Common sense. Had heard of bag snatching from motobikes bandits.

Safety Tip:
Mind your belongings.

Kuta beach / SG
Kuta / SG
School kids, Kuta / SG
Kuta beach / SG
Traditional dance / SG
Ulun Danu Temple, Bedugul / SG
Rice fields / SG
Gitgit Waterfall / SG
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