Beirut Central District / SG
Lebanon, 2005

Have to say that I was nervous traveling to the middle east for the first time. It's funny how the media played on my perception. The first person I met had a big smile and a hat which said USA on it, I felt welcomed immediately.

My reason for my visit was to meet my friends family, I stayed in their home for 10 days. One of my favorite memories was hearing prayer call every day and ordering breakfast delivered by a kid on a bike every morning. The Paris of the middle east, many speak french as well as arabic. I would return to Beirut.


Stayed in a private home in the suburbs.

The city center, Mediterranean Sea, churches, mosques, war torn buildings mixed in with the newly constructed, the people, and the culture.

Food and Drink:
Fresh fish and cheese bread mostly. Nice restaurants in the city where you can find all types of cuisine.

There are taxis everywhere. I traveled by private car.

Overall Safety:
Very safe.

Safety Tip:
Common sense.

Suburbs / SG
Goats and shepherd, suburbs / SG
War torn building / SG
Traffic into downtown / SG
Downtown architecture / SG
Downtown / SG
Scenic downtown / SG
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