Dominican Republic

Costambar Beach / SG
Dominican Republic
Puerto Plata, 2014

30 days in the Dominican Republic. It was my first time so I did not know what to expect. I searched on Airbnb, read some reviews, and decided to go to Puerto Plata.

I spent one week in between Cabarete and Sosua. Cabarete was nice at night, the beach has nice restaurants to eat outside with music and your feet in the sand. Sousa had a beautiful beach and better street shopping and bars. It was more of a city.

I then traveled west to Costambar for three weeks, a gated neighborhood on the beach. I enjoyed the quaint little restaurants along the beach and the peace and quiet compared to Cabarete and Sosua. If I wanted excitement, I would head to Sosua, which was about 30 minutes east. Overall, Puerto Plata grew on me, I would visit again.


Private apartment in Cabarete and a private apartment in Costambar, both found on Airbnb.

Sousa beach, Cabarete beach, Costambar beach, restaurants, kite surfing, shopping in Sousa, plenty of bars and people watching all over Puerto Plata.

Food and Drink:
Great food in Costambar in the quaint restaurants on the beach. Chicken, rice, beans, coconut water, Bohemia beer, and plenty of rum.

Motoconcho, collectivo taxis, and guagua buses.

Overall Safety:
Felt safe in the tourist areas in Puerto Plata. I never ventured into the villages and wouldn't carry my iphone out at night, however I did see people with their devices on the beach and in restaurants. The motoconchos do not provide helmets, I did see an accident and decided to travel by guagua bus or collectivo taxi after that.

Safety Tip:
Mind your belongings and surroundings. Do not flash your jewelry, devices, or money.

Puerto Plata / SG
Downtown Puerto Plata / SG
Costambar / SG
Costambar / SG
Fisherman on reef, Costambar / SG
Coffee on the beach, Costambar / SG
Cabarete / SG
Cabarete / SG
Dusk, Sosua Beach / SG
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